PGI Global Trade - Praetorian Group Intl. Bitcoin Powered Network Marketing presented now in 131 Countries by 12,5K Members Worldwide & growing daily, $100M in Sales achieved in 2020! Learn more below about the such a great opportunity to join the Best Com…

PGI Global Trade - Praetorian Group Intl. Bitcoin Powered Network Marketing presented now in 131 Countries by 12,5K Members Worldwide & growing daily, $100M in Sales achieved in 2020! Learn more below about the such a great opportunity to join the Best Com…

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Back to PGI Global - All information about this great project is below.

  • Originally from Asia
  • The very beginning! (3d of May 2020)
  • Passive income ~30% per month and cool marketing
  • 40 master distributors on all continents
  • offices on 4 continents
  • 14 public admins

Details of the project:

* Products:

1. Crypto ATM (terminals)

2. Bitcoin Trading Platform

3. Blockchain education

4. Health products and shapes

5. Card debit

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* Making more than one account? Register them for different people! Later there will be KYC verification so that you do not lose them. Also, keep in mind that you've got 24 hours to become member in these accounts, which means you need to own any package from $100 to $500+K quite quick.

P.S. Do not forget that any project with passive income is kind of pyramid!

You can join any quick income scheme only after weighing everything well with a cold head, and invest as much as you can afford to lose. Usually not over 30% of your portfolio.

* Below is detailed information about the project and step-by-step instructions for registration and payment! (if you get an error when entering the office or during registration, change the Google browser (Google chrome), to another, for example, muff, opera) * It is better to use gmail for registration.


* I have a direct relationship with CEO Palafox, through zoom I showed the office and traders - located in Malaysia. At any time you can visit live!

On March 28, an event was scheduled to officially open the company. In connection with what is happening in the world, postponed to the end of May.

The site according to the information will still be significantly improved!

1 ⬇️

The former president and co-founder of Ai Trades Global (another MLM that worked according to information for a year and a half with a turnover of more than $100M - Millions), is also was a president and CEO of Ai Trades Philippines Inc.

Palafox has played an important role in the success of several international companies based on various products, including First Quadrant International Inc., FKC, Life Vantage, FG Express, Atomy and multi-billion dollar company Jeunesse International. He took an active part in numerous companies specializing in cryptocurrencies.

Helen was born and still lives in the UK. Its network path began in 2013 with a product-based company, and shortly afterwards quickly moved to the cryptocurrency and Forex industries.

Born in Kurdistan, Bako has three degrees in visual communications and graphic design, healthcare and social welfare, as well as business research with seven years of experience. He is also a freelancer with skills in a wide range of industries and companies, such as Nike, Macmillan Cancer support, future shift, Harborne Academy and Bowers Litchfield, as well as NHS.3 ⬇️

Benny Akiiki Mvesigwa from Uganda is a graduate of the Department of Business Administration with a degree in Marketing and Management. With 7 years of experience in the corporate world and 5 years of MLM experience. He worked in the bank, telecom, media and government.

The Great Judge, also known as Lion of Africa, is the Author, Transformational Speaker and Business Developer, over the years he has become a leader among 2 companies in network marketing, helping people become successful and become great leaders. He owns 2 companies for business development and leadership training, which determines his passion in growing companies through the development of leaders.

4 ⬇️

SHOFI ULLA has been involved in the network marketing industry for 6 years with projects based on products / services, as well as cryptocurrency and Forex, possessing a huge amount of knowledge in the digital world, as well as skilled people and leadership skills. Multiple franchise owner of one of the largest in the food industry, Papa Jones Ltd.

Julie Ledikoin served as CFO at Union bank of Nigeria Plc and has become a worthy assistant after 15 years of quality service. She is the Managing Director of the Initiatives to Strengthen Care and Empowerment aimed at helping the Institute and empowering the poor and youth. .

List of top leaders from the Palafox team


There are four types of packages. We benefit from higher potential earnings reflected in dollars based on the input package. You can upgrade your deposit at any time. Each member may have only one account, but may purchase many PACKAGES. When upgrading to another package, you need to purchase a new package at this level.

When received a 200 percent profits (approx. six months) from trading your original package, the system will automatically complete the agreement. * The package works x2 (average income 25-30%. Per month)

A new package must be purchased within 30 days in order to continue to receive profit and commissions, otherwise it will be considered abandoned or inactive, and the account will be lost.

DIRECT LINEAR BONUS (from the first line, depending on the package)

In addition to the linear bonus, there is also a bold binary bonus

★ A partner must have 1 invitee left and right.

★ The first pair does not claim a binary bonus. (Safety net)

★ Partners will receive at least 8% of the binary commission daily, depending on the number of points received from a small team.

★ The maximum binary bonus per day will depend on the individual package.

★ Minimum withdrawal of $ 20 per week.

★ The maximum withdrawal per week is 50% of the individual package.

➕ There is a system of bonuses and bonuses for team building (see the slides)

Registration Instructions: * There is no way to figure it out without 100% grams))

1). Register through this link:

2). Fill in personal data (all according to your ID data as there will be KYC later), where the date of birth is a special moment)

3). A letter will arrive in the mail with confirmation of registration (click on the link).

You will find yourself in your account and when ready choose your package by adding trading agreement. Make sure you've got amount (+ network/exchange/wallet fee) ready to send before selecting your package.

4). Choose a package. Click for example on Gold $1,000 or Silver $100 ...any amount from which you want to receive 200% passive profits or approx. 1% daily for 6 months.

The process of paying for the selected package recently has become much easier ...


1. When you click selected package you'll get QR code (handy to scan & pay from mobile) and BTC address where to send exact given amount including internal PGI Global software fee +$19.

Now with live confirmations... This QR is example! You may get different one to make your payment for chosen package.

* 2. Sending from Binance Exchange example

3. After 5 confirmations PGI system gets you should get active automatically.

If this does not happen, you can write to support mail:


In opinion of team leader, the project is worthwhile. He invested a large BTC amount.

*Over 3 weeks he earned more than $ 50,000. Screenshots of the conclusions were laid out in the telegram channel.

Latest proof of income from a member of our team.
Proof of weekly passive profits (Roi percentage)

PGI Also Have Community Program

This program allows PGI partners to host events for a cause or chosen organizations that work to improve different facets of health and wellness, education, environment and business and to empower people for the benefit of society.

Note: This is not a financial advice. Never invest over 30% of YOUR portfolio in risky opportunities. 15-25% of your (crypto) portfolio is pretty much reasonable in such opportunities on early stage.

[!] Not a crypto savvy? NO PROBLEM! Read below or ask @oaklet to help you in Telegram ; Facebook ; Messenger

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Any questions or related help needed just ask Jerry in telegram: @oaklet

Questions or need a hand joining? Let's connect & Talk in >> Webtalk <<

(i) Webtalk is in private beta-testing mode so joining by >> invitation only <<

P.S. The team also has a system and training on the formation of a personal brand and effective network building. To get access, write in PM. Soon there will be an upgrade and a complete update of the training system, everything for the team is absolutely free! All success!

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